Automotive Sales Training


Auto Sales Training
81 PAGE E-BOOK TRAINING MANUAL THE SAME MANUAL I USE FOR MY TRAINING SEMINARS. “The Road to the Sale” is a comprehensive automobile sales training program that has been mastered through 30 years of successful application. It is designed to instill the most practical and proven methods and skills that not only improve sales, but customer satisfaction too! The Road to the Sale is Educational, Motivational, and Inspirational!

If you have good people skills, and want more than the average person, this may be for you. Training is the key to your success. The Premium package is a great value for the money, you get (4) training CDs, and a 81 page training manual. It includes the (10) steps to the “Road to the Sale and much more .

The audio sales training package come with mp3 audio files and a printer friendly training manual. You can download the training package of your choice to your computer and print the manual or view on line and save lots of money.

Was $79.95


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