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I’m married to a car salesman.  And my job is to help
big companies make piles and piles of money by changing others’ perspective of their industry. I believe that if car salespeople could  see their profession from my perspective, it might positively affect  how they feel about their job and that, in turn, would affect how others view them. My perception of a car salesperson’s career is that, as a lifestyle, it’s not all bad,  especially compared to other professions out there. Let me explain:

It’s a life skill. If you can sell something, you’ll always have a job.

  • You rarely take your work home with you ( unless it’s a demo).
  • Nearly everyone on the planet needs to buy a car.
  • You get a new product to sell every year.
  • Your industry enjoys repeat purchases – we replace many things with less frequency than we do our cars.
  • It’s a passion category – full of emotion and interest and lust.
  • Your customers flock to your showroom to see what’s new.
  • There is as much individual style and thrill of the hunt as you might find on a stockbroker’s job, but few others.
  • You get to meet new people everyday. And if they’re jerks, you don’t have to see them again.
  • You don’t have to collaborate with co–workers – unless they can help you.
  • An average salary for a car salesperson is $60 – $100 K per year- less than 20 percent of all jobs provide this level of return.
  • On beautiful days, you get to be outside and on bad days you don’t have to be.
  • You know where you stand day to day. Your success doesn’t  depend upon how well you can brown-nose.
  • You get to ski, shop, and golf – midweek.
  • Never do you have to wear a blue suit or painful shoes.
  • Most people in the corporate world never get to check something off their list…while every pay period is a new start for you.
  • The Internet has changed your business, but not killed it – people ultimately still want a person to provide information, to give them advice, to shake someone’s hand. Ultimately, they want to be sold.
  • You are a matchmaker. A filter A resource to make decisions easier. LEAVE A REPLY


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